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Acrylic, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

We is a professional manufacturer and supplier of acrylic, sheet metal laser cutting machines in China.

Through years of dedication, we have accumulated vast experience in producing a line of high quality zip lock bag making machines, such as red line extruders for mini grip bag use, hot glue zipper bag making machines and more. We welcome you to use our products and are certain you will be satisfied with your choice.

Acrylic, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Acrylic, Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Main Specifications

No. Name Commodity Name
1 Laser 100W,200W,300W GSI Laser from UK 200WROFIN Laser from Germany 700W,1500W Rofin China Laser
2 Machine structure Gantry
3 Optical system Semi-flying optics
4 Control system Motion Card
5 Driving system Japan Yaskawaservo system
6 Transmission system ABBA Ball screw & linear guide
7 Chiller Taiwan Kaukancooling system
8 Auto-adjust system and cutting head Special for metal sheet cutting
9 Electric system Import electric component
10 Worktable size X axial: 1250mm, Y axial: 2500mm
11 Software Designed by ourselves

Technical Parameters

Beam quality M2≤1.2
X-axis path 1250mm
Y-axis path 2500mm
Z-axis path 60mm
Locating precision ±0.05mm/1000mm
Repeat locating precision ±0.05mm
Max. locating precision 10m/min
Control system Movement Control Board/CNC
Transmission system Ball screw guide
Drive system 3 axis servo system;
Machine structure Gantry
Beam Semi-flying optics
Refrigeration Ssystem Special Laser Refrigeration System, temp accuracy is ±1
External dimension 4200mm×2000mm×1400mm
Weight 2000KG
Machine tool structure Gantry
Power supply requirement 380V/50HZ/30A
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