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Laser Cutting Machine


Products features
The 700W, 1500W Die-board laser cutting machine uses Rofin-Sinar tech fast axial flow laser. The primary parts of the machine use imported and high quality beams of light and have stable performance. The 700W, 1500W Die-board laser cutting machine has a high quality ball screw and linear guide transmission system. The driving system is imported from Japanese Yaskawa, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. The auto-focusing system is equipped to ensure that cutting kerf remains the same on uneven plywood. The special smoke ventilation system effectively removes smoke and dust. Scientific assembly is used to ensure the machine's high precision and performance. The 700W, 1500W Die-board laser cutting machine's moving parts are made of cast aluminum, enabling the machine to work at a high speed. The lightweight design saves floor space.

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine, 700-1500w

Products Parameters

Parameter Specification
Laser output rated power 700W,1500W
Laser over dimension(L×W×H) 2150mm×910mm×1260mm
Laser weight 700kg
Machine body overall dimensions(L×W×H) 3200mm×2100mm×1400mm
Machine body weight 2000kg
X-axis travel-length 1250mm
Y-axis travel-length 1850mm
Z-axis travel-length 60mm
Cutting capacity 18-22mm plywood
Beam diameter Approx.Φ15mm
Divergence ≤1.5mrad full angle
Pointing stability ≤±0.10mrad
Speed of positioning(X,Y) 10m/minute
Positioning accuracy (X,Y) ±0.05mm/1000mm
Repeatability accuracy ±0.05mm
Controlling system Movement control card/NC
Transmission system Ball screw & Linear guide
Driving system 3 Axial servo
Optical system Semi-optical
Moving structure Gantry
Chiller system Special Chiller system for Rofin-Sinar tech laser
Power supply Three-phase/380V/50Hz
Pressure of accessorial gas source 0.8MPa

Products Key Components

Cat. Name Manufacturer Country
1 Roots pump ULVAC Japan
2 Vacuum pump BUSCH/LEYBOLD Germany
3 Cavity adjustment end plate ROFIN-SINAR Germany
5 Squirrel-cage blower IMPORTED Germany
6 Power probe IMPORTED Germany
7 Touch screen DELTA/HITECH Taiwan
8 Optics lens, mirrors II-VI USA
9 Power switch ROFIN-SINAR Germany
10 Driving system MITSUBISHI/PANASONIC Japan

Through our consistent efforts, over eight years of experience and dedicated staff, we provide high quality laser cutting machines, 700-1500W at economical prices. To satisfy our customers' various needs, we also produce die board laser cutting machine, 200-300 and acrylic, sheet metal laser cutting machines. If you are in need of an ideal laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.

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