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Die Board Laser Cutting Machine


The laser power of 200W, 300W Die board laser cutting machine is 200W, 300W GSI laser from UK. Its worktable size is 1250mm*1250mm and 1250mmx1850mm. For cutting capacity, the die board ranges from 18 to 22mm; the milled steel is 2mm or below; and the stainless steel is 1mm or below.

1. Body
The processing requires three heat treatments. This helps to reduce the machine body's natural mechanical deformation to a minimum. This process is not usually done by Chinese laser machine manufacturers.

Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

Die Board Laser Cutting Machine, 200-300W

2. Main specifications
The imported ABBA Ball screw and linear guide machine can keep high quality high precision cutting. Imported Yaskawa or Mitsubishi servo motor drive provides high precision motion control. The imported chiller is specialized for laser systems. Auto-following system functions smoothly even if the plywood surface is uneven, the cutting head can conduct auto moving and keep the cutting kerf consistency. The 200W, 300W die board laser cutting machine is lightweight and takes up minimal floor space. When you turn on the machine, it works without preheating. 200W, 300W Die board laser cutting machine features money saving, low consumption and low cost. The machine only needs a 4-5 kw/h power supply and requires no other fees.

3. Laser tube
UK, GSI Laser is the best 200 Watts Sealed Co2 laser in the world. The laser can be used for 15000-20000 hours and is very stable. Our company is the largest user in China, and has used the laser tube for six years. It's stable after testing and, after 20000 hours, can recharge gas at USD5000, and then it will be a new laser tube again. You can choose either the 100W or 300W GSI laser. Our machines are equipped with large power fast axial flow co2 Germany ROFIN China laser, 700W, 1500W.

The 200W GSI Laser machine can cut at least 30 pieces die-board per eight hour day with the normal size of 60mm*80mm. The machine has the capacity to work as many hours as the customer requires each day. The machine can cut plywood 18-22mm, 2mm steel sheet, and up to 35mm acrylic. This is a great benefit for the customer looking to expand his business.

4. Machine parameters

Laser output power 200W,300W GSI Laser from UK
X-axis travel-length 1250mm
Y-axis travel-length 1250mm,1850mm
Positioning Precision ±0.05mm/m
Max. speed of positioning 10m/min
Controlling system Movement control card/NC
Transmission system Ball screw & Linear guide
Driving system 3 Axial servo
Optical system Semi-optical
Moving structure Gantry
Chiller system Special Chiller system for imported laser tube
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 2350mm/3200mm×2100mm×1400mm
Weight 800/1800Kg
Power supply 380V/50HZ/30A

Apart from die board laser cutting machine 200-300W, we also produce quality laser cutting machines, 700-1500W, acrylic, sheet metal laser cutting machines at economical prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our products.

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